Concerts at the Arctic Cathedral

Concerts at the Arctic Cathedral


In the summer season, Tromsø’s best known landmark, the Arctic Cathedral, invites all guests and residents of our city to a truly unique concert experience. Due to its high latitude, the city of Tromsø is blessed with the Midnight Sun, giving us bright summer nights full of golden light. The Arctic Cathedral is built in such a fashion that the light of the Midnight Sun can illuminate the inside of the church in a most marvellous way in the hours around the middle of the night.

The concerts take place during these hours of the day, when the sun is aligned with the church, which is then bathed in golden light. Three local musicians, perform a varied programme, including Northern Norwegian folk music and classical music, using both traditional and modern instruments, including the organ of the Arctic Cathedral, which has been tuned by Swiss specialists this winter.

In addition to the Midnight Sun Concerts, there are also daily organ recitals at 2pm, where the organ can shine in its full glory.

Organ recital: Daily until July 31st, 14:00-14:25, 70kr. Tickets are available online and at the door.
Midnight Sun Concert: Daily until August 15th,  23:30-00:00, 170kr. Doors open at 23:00. Tickets are available online and at the door.

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